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An Important Announcement Regarding the Inappropriate Conduct of a Cast Member

Sep 3, 2017

You might think this podcast is all about having fun, and you'd be right. It's a huge part of what we do here. We also hope to bring new players to the world of roleplaying games, and to expand the reach of this nerdy world to include people from all backgrounds, from different ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and genders. That is why we've been forced to deal with something none of us ever thought we'd have to deal with.

One of our most integral cast members is a cat named Scott Etter. He's a great player, a hilarious dude, and a thoughtful friend. Unfortunately, he's also said some seriously upsetting things in various public forums with regard to issues of sexuality, race, and other issues, and it's to the point where we can't ignore it any further. We've asked Scott not to come back to the show. We've polled our cast members, as well as friends and fellow podcasters, about what they think our next steps should be.

For now, we're going to make a statement as a group that we'll play before we start Season Two (which should be pretty soon). We'll also probably end up taping something that will appear before Scott's first appearance, for those who are going back from the beginning. We may end up removing Scott's audio from the episodes entirely and recording summaries of his actions, or even recording myself reading his dialogue, but we haven't decided whether that will be necessary just yet.

It's never great when you have to separate yourself from someone you care about. But when that person threatens to alienate you from people you also care about (listeners, present and future cast members, friends and family), you have a difficult choice to make.

Mostly, we want all of you to know that we are committed to making Shattered Worlds a game for all people, a game that welcomes people of all different backgrounds, and doesn't discriminate against anyone for any reason. I mean hey, you've heard the show. You know that racial harmony is a big, big part of the game, the books, and the series. Heroes from different backgrounds working together to save lives and improve society: that's what Shattered Worlds RPG is all about.

Thanks for sticking with us through this, and please, if you have anything you'd like to share with us either regarding this or any other issue, please contact us at: and put Shattered Worlds in the subject line. We want to be a part of your lives, so be a part of ours!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. We can't wait to hear from you.


Much Love, 


The Cast and Crew of Shattered Worlds RPG