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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Mar 15, 2017


In this thrilling episode, Yifram Silvertongue officially makes the acquaintance of the party, Talon pacifies an angry Gilly, and everyone's invited to King Hungaderk's crappy little village. 


Game mechanics in this one: 

Characters leveled up, received Light stat worth of skill points each time they go up a level, get Water stat worth of vitality points as well. New skills cost 3,  sub-skills cost 3 (despite what I say in the episode) and start at level 1. To increase them costs 2 for level 2, 3 for level 3 etc. up to level 5 (max level 3 at creation).

When a player levels up in the field they heal 2d6 vitality (up to their new maximum).


Closing Song: "Falling To Pieces" - Faith No More