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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Jan 25, 2017

We're calling these early shows our Prequel Episodes, as they don't quite reflect the overall character of the show generally. We love them, though, as they help explain the rules as well as introduce you to some of our most memorable players and characters! Skip ahead to Season 1 if you must, but once you're hooked come on back and see how this wacky adventure all started!


In this episode, the guys level up and select skills. Anthony has to leave early so Denis and Ron keep it rollin. Korel consoles Maki after she breaks a few laws. Korel gets a new assignment. Baerleon arrives just after something goes completely haywire. Jeff takes over Anthony's character and it turns out he's in huge trouble. Korel gets in way over his head. Baerleon makes some quick decisions and then he and Rael get to shootin.


Next episode: the real excitement begins. We say goodbye to Denis and Ron but they are not forgotten. Stay tuned; we may release other episodes with them in the future, as we delve into the Shattered Worlds archives.


Closing Song: "BLow Up The Outside World" - Soundgarden


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