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Shattered Worlds RPG

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May 24, 2017

In this thrilling episode, Kaarin's character, Hlina Antimony, finds herself on the edge of the Hungatown Assault and unable to move. Yifram makes a triumphant return, along with Tavssa, who is incredulous to say the least. Rael is a prisoner, and Hungaderk is ridiculous. Also, Gerintus is very unhappy, so that could end badly.


And Talon can fly?


Game Mechanics in this one: 


When someone uses Spirit Sense near another psychic, they have a chance to detect it: if the person using it isn't trying to be secretive it's automatic - if not, roll a Shadow v Shadow contest. If the person wins they pick up the general location and surface thoughts of the other person. If the first user doesn't want to be detected roll another contest. 



Closing Song: "What Did I Miss?" - Mondo Cane


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