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Jan 25, 2017

We're calling these early shows our Prequel Episodes, as they don't quite reflect the overall character of the show generally. We love them, though, as they help explain the rules as well as introduce you to some of our most memorable players and characters! Skip ahead to Season 1 if you must, but once you're hooked come on back and see how this wacky adventure all started!


Welcome back! In this one Anthony plays Rael, who just realized he is being framed as a patsy in the shooting/splodin death of one Mr Erasmus Acorn (or whatever that last name is). Baerleon the big buff Lunari drags Rael into a great big mess. Critical failures are happening left and right. Rael hunts down some bad mothereffers and gets shot at.


Mechanics in this episode:


Power check: roll a d10! Roll the die again if it comes up 10! Add that business together! Add your skill level and the respective attribute and you have your success score.


The DM rolls a similar roll then adds that to whatever attribute or power can best defend against the power's effect.


*50s horror film trailer guy voice

"Stay tuned for next week when Rael tracks down the deadly assassin!"


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