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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Apr 29, 2023

In this thrilling episode, Alecto faces off against a deadly opponent. Tiny Tina meets a very special person. A momentous decision.




Jeff Richardson as the Loremaster



Ash Blair as Alecto Ashrender

@doktormod on Mastadon


Kristy Ellen as Technician Third Class Rhea Tromarty

@kmitko3 on...

Apr 12, 2023

[STARTLING OFFICIAL UPDATE] We're officially introducing our first-ever fully licensed theme song, I'm Taking Off (Shield Your Eyes) by Space Knife! Check out the entire Space Knife family of products at:


In this thrilling episode, our heroes pursue a mysterious woman down the...

Apr 3, 2023

In this thrilling episode, our heroes go to a supercool party. Gale guards the door. Alvin comes in clutch. Alecto breaks reality.




Jeff Richardson as the Loremaster



Sako Tumi as Tiny Tina



Kristy Ellen as Keziah



AJ Ganaros as Gale Zauber



Jayme Antrim as...

Apr 2, 2023

This is completely off topic, but I needed somewhere to host this silly song, and here it is. This is Vilma from Doctor Who episode "Orphan 55" singing along to Bennie and the Jets, because Joe Ford came up with the idea on The Nimon Be...