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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Jan 25, 2017

We're calling these early shows our Prequel Episodes, as they don't quite reflect the overall character of the show generally. We love them, though, as they help explain the rules as well as introduce you to some of our most memorable players and characters! Skip ahead to Season 1 if you must, but once you're hooked come on back and see how this wacky adventure all started!


In this episode, Anthony's character Rael is mobbing down a canal trying to reach and hopefully capture the assassin/bomber that did the terrible deeds. He gets hurt, then helped, then makes it just in time to see some real crazy business go down.


Mechanics in this episode: 

Vitality starts out at 3X your Water stat. Rael took a bunch of damage, dropping him to -8. For each amount below zero equivalent to your Water Stat, the character takes on a Wound. Most NPCs have only 1, while most players start with 2 (Warriors, Monks, and Guardians get 3). If you take a wound, you're at minus 3 to all actions (per wound). Once you take a wound you're Fading, which means you could pass out at any time. Every 2 rounds you need to roll a Water check to avoid falling unconscious (bad news if you're hanging from a rope above a raging river). If you get an Epic or higher success, you're back in the game (no further need for Water checks).


If you do pass out, it will take 3 successful Water checks to come back. Every three rolls the Loremaster will roll a check to see if you take another wound. If you receive another wound you are effectively dead, unless a priest or other healer gets to you in time (Like Miracle Max in Princess Bride).


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