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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Feb 22, 2017

We're calling these early shows our Prequel Episodes, as they don't quite reflect the overall character of the show generally. We love them, though, as they help explain the rules as well as introduce you to some of our most memorable players and characters! Skip ahead to Season 1 if you must, but once you're hooked come on back and see how this wacky adventure all started!


In this episode, we meet two new players, Craig Balto Taylor and Steven Mathews. They play a Vorakh tech and a Mistral Mindkiller, respectively.


This episode is all about character creation. We take you from dice-rolling to attributes to perks and drawbacks. We go a little easy on skills (don't want to bore you all too very much) and spend next to no time on equipment.


Gideon, the Vorakh Tech, has a robot (pronounced RO-bit). Talon, the Mistral, has a lot of fancy ideas.


Mechanics in this episode:

Attribute Rolls - for heroes are roll 7d6, discard the lowest, then add 4 to each value. Assign each number to one attribute.

Power Points: Characters start with 4 power points, which they can use for a variety of things, including buying perks, trading one in for 5 skill points, buying more vitality (6 vitality per point spent(, a bunch of money or gear, or they could save them to use in the game as Action Points. Action Points and Power Points are basically the same thing so I should probably use the same name for them but I like to be difficult so go fly a kite.

Powers/Spells - for each power you can select the specific skill (like telekinesis) or you can use a Power Point to purchase a catch-all category. e.g. Divination. If you select Divination you then get one free subskill, i.e. telepathy.


Closing Song:  "Mind Control" - Mind Controls


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