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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Oct 22, 2018

In this thrilling episode, Jok'tot Gibson and Zeb'this Nesesseran are trying to move on from the untimely death of their friend Maxx Fyre by writing a series based on Jok'tot's life; Talon meets a new companion and receives a strange message from an unlikely source.


Closing Song: "Hiding Your Reality" by Kevin...

Oct 4, 2018

In this thrilling episode, three of our heroes are living their lives, eight months after the events in the Yonniseed Cavern. Maxx Fyre is producing a film based on the life of Jok'tot "Rustling Leaves" Gibson and starring Zeb'this Nesesseran as "Nick Knack: Ghost Detective". Talon gets an itchy feeling, and everyone...