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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Sep 20, 2017

In this thrilling second installment of our latest Shattered Worlds Sidequest, adjunct professor and braggadocious Fist-Wizard Gandolph Lundgren, and his best friend, university custodian and lady-killer Dirk Hamlin, stumble into a mystery and are forced to get to the bottom of it. Plus there's a brilliant and...

Sep 13, 2017

In this thrilling Part 1 of this series, Taylor Bonzer and his good friend Seth Fernandez drop in to make characters and a good time is had by all. Taylor's got a hankerin to play a wizard, so he's got a robe and a spellbook and a big blue fist, so let's get to punchin.

And Seth, well, he's got a real pretty face and...

An Important Announcement Regarding the Inappropriate Conduct of a Cast Member

Sep 3, 2017

You might think this podcast is all about having fun, and you'd be right. It's a huge part of what we do here. We also hope to bring new players to the world of roleplaying games, and to expand the reach of this nerdy world to include people from all backgrounds, from different ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and...