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Shattered Worlds RPG

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Nov 26, 2023

It's here, folks! The latest in our series of wicked DND sidequests, DMed by our very own Ash Blair! Check out the first twenty minutes, and if you like what you hear join our Patreon!


Meet the Cast:


Ash Blair-Borders as our Dungeonmaster

@doktormod on Mastadon

Katarina as Laurel Silvertongue

latteproblems on TikTok

Kristy Ellen as Matthias

@kmitko3 on Mastadon

Sako Tumi as Chester

@psychosako on twitter

Jeff Richardson as Sticks

@eljefetacoma on twitter


Opening, Closing, and Incidental Music:


"The Archaeologist" by Mark Kmit

"Full Metal Zero" by Mark Kmit

"Music Lessons in Cleveland with Mark Kmit" on Facebook.


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